About the Church

Church of the Divine Mother was established in 2012 by HDG Swami Ramananda Maharaj, a direct disciple of Sri Sri Anandamayi Ma. Swamiji has now been in sannyas for over forty years since his official initiation at the confluence of the Ganges River in 1972. Dr. Swami Ramananda is currently guest professor of Indian philosophy and Sanskrit at the University of Nevada. He is author of the New Age classic “BLISS NOW,” “From India With Love,” “The Heart’s Secret Door,” “Caves and Jungles of Secret India,” and “Swami of Bliss and Wisdom.”

Swami Ramananda describes his lila with India’s greatest female saint over the last 17 years of Her life and how his experiences with Sri Anandamayi Ma showed him that She was in fact a living Avatar of the Divine. He studied at both UC Berkeley and London University centered around the idea of The Divine Mother in the religious history of mankind. With a strong international following of students, disciples, and fans of his writings, Swami felt called to establish a church which would not only honor his Divine Gurudevi, but that would honor every manifestation of the Divine Mother throughout the religious and mythological history of the world.

Church of the Divine Mother is a nonprofit corporation. It is our hope soon to procure an actual physical church location not only for our temple for worship, but also as a museum and library for Dr. Swami Ramananda’s incredible collection of religious artifacts associated with Sri Anandamayi Ma and the religious history of India.

Swami has in his possession the chapals and socks Ma wore for the last 15 years of Her life and other deeply personal artifacts, towels, dunda, bells, and various religious artifacts used in puja in various ashrams throughout India. Swamiji’s collection of deities is extensive, from throughout Egypt, India, and China. Swami Ramananda has also amassed one of the most extensive spiritual libraries in the world with many rare books from the Himalayan masters now completely out of print. He has over 10,000 volumes on Indian philosophy and religion that we hope to create a facility for this library, museum and temple. Your loving and heartfelt donations will help us towards this goal.

Dr. Swami Ramananda has been engaged in various SEVA with his worldwide charities functioning since 1972 when he built his first school for indigent children in South India. He was one of the first Swamis to ever come forward publicly to ensure food, housing and education for untouchables and Niligiri tribal subcastes. Also Swami has been the most vocal Swami to stop female infanticide and provide orphan care for unwanted female babies. Swami also has a huge outreach to homeless children and adults in Las Vegas. His satsang has been engaged in outreach for those suffering in the las vegas area for the last twelve years. Your donations help us provide these very necessary charities worldwide.

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